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20+ Years of Excellence

Hartill Heavy Haul, Inc. is a trucking company specializing in heavy haul & oversize loads throughout the United States. We handle everything from start to finish including special permits, escorting, logistics coordination and even building new equipment to transport your freight. What really makes Hartill Heavy Haul, Inc. different is that we strive to ensure that there are no surprises and that the customer is satisfied. You can deal directly with the carrier, giving you more control and realizing cost savings, as well as other advantages including:

  • Dealing directly with the shipper cuts out errors.
  • A more cost-effective approach for your shipping needs.
  • We personally guarantee our work.
  • We do it right one job at a time.
  • Personalized service, building loyal customers one at a time.
  • Quality work, professional attitude, integrity, straightforward, no surprises.

Customer service is our number one priority. With that mindset, Hartill Heavy Haul, Inc. offers long-term and short-term storage facilities in addition to our flatbed, heavy haul, and over-dimensional hauling capabilities. Services include loading and off-loading high tonnage products and managing inventory. Examples of products stored include steel pipe, plate and coil, and larger items such as excavators, crawlers and earthmovers.

Not only do we have some of the best equipment in the industry, Hartill Heavy Haul, Inc. also has some of the best employees in the industry. They are highly trained for dealing with difficult-to-handle field conditions.

We haul all machinery with our own fleet of trucks and trailers. Our fleet is extremely well maintained. The entire fleet is washed weekly and polished quarterly. Our fleet includes flatbeds, single drops, double drops, lowboys, stretch trailers, Landolls and multi axle trailers for heavy loads.

If you need to haul large industrial or construction equipment, Hartill Heavy Haul, Inc. is the perfect choice. We never try to make your project fit our assets because we have the capability to assemble the resources that meet your exact business requirements.

Mission Statement

The company mission is to deliver the highest quality service possible to our customers. Hartill Heavy Haul, Inc. has gone the extra mile to present itself and equipment in the highest level of professionalism. We will always conduct business in a safe, courteous, and professional manner.

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